How Much?


By far the best part: we guarantee significant time saving for your in-house finance team, in addition to providing you complete indemnity against possible tax and employment risks; all of this leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business that help drive it forward.

Our fees are highly amenable – we are confident in the quality of our service and the strength of our process, which offers our clients absolute compliance and legal documentation, which assures the tax and employment status of your workers.

We operate at a standard fee of £5 per employee per week; no extra charge if you fail to process a payment, no period of notice, no signing up fee, absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever.

Taking into consideration the need for flexibility, we offer our clients an open agreement that they can put on hold, adjust or walk away from without any cancellation fees or extra charges.

Our consultative methods allow us customise our service to fit each individual client. We are able to offer multiple payroll options as and when needed, at any point in the process at no extra charge.