About Us


Choosing to work with V CONTRACT means employing the skills and experience of Directors with a high level of expertise in all aspects of the construction industry; from accounting, to contracting and recruitment. Our team is solid from the bottom to the top..

V CONTRACT provides a personalized and extensible service with an added consultative approach, which gives clients access to the professional advice they require along with reliable tax and legal partners.

V CONTRACT has demonstrated steady and significant profit levels and growth year after year since inception.

Switching to V CONTRACT is swift and easy as it automatically takes up all administrative duties. All you need to do is fill out a single project confirmation, and we will handle the rest.

V CONTRACT provides service at a unique level which allows each client or worker communicate directly with its team. Its accounting professionals, payroll and admin team are always available to immediately resolve any pay or tax queries.

One of the most reputable and fastest growing CIS payroll providers in the UK, V CONTRACT serves as an anchor between you and your worker.

By employing the services of a fully complaint CIS provider like V CONTRACT, you avoid all of the tax and/or employment risks embedded in paying construction subcontractors.

Our highly experienced team has the advantage of over 20 years combined experience in construction, with flawless records. Working with V CONTRACT gives you the added benefit of employing the minds and abilities of a well-connected and highly informed team with a reputation built on providing absolute compliance and high quality service. We save you valuable time and money and also provide total peace of mind.